We are a small producer and distributor of vegan food, founded in Portugal. We want to offer to all our visitors - doesn't matter if vegetarian, vegan or omnivore - a plant-based alternative to meaty dishes. We celebrate cooking variety and love to showcase the tasty options of the vegan cuisine. Variety is great, but so are animals and nature. It is not necessary to live without substancial dishes as a Vegan or Vegetarian. There are so many possibilities, be our guest and see for yourself!

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vegan protein and more

Founded in 2018.

Office & Kitchen

Rua do Barão de Forrester 736
4050-272 Porto

Coming soon

Center of

new office
Rua do Barão de Forrester


There is a lot going on right now.

June 2019

Two years ago we set up a hydro garden. Now it found his new place in our backyard. Although there is still plenty of room for new plants, we are already dreaming about a second one. If fresh cocktail tomatoes or herbs, directly harvested, they taste the best!

Mai 2019

Our office space is finished and our kitchen halfway ready. Recently we added our logo on the entrance. We are looking forward to offer you our first product. Not long and you can taste it!

Since 2018

Finally! We made our first step on our way on a plant based, tasty expedition. Yesterday we had an idea, today we found our space to build it, tomorrow we bring you the finest plant based 'meaty' dishes you can imagine. Porto is beautiful, but we are not the first who recognized that. To find a good location to a fair price is not as easy as it used to be. But we looked and asked and called and looked again. And a few weeks ago we got really lucky! ...

Our start 2018
..in a tent.

What we offer.

Plant based proteins for animal friendly and delicious meals.

Food Delivery

At the moment we just start with delivering great meaty dishes.

Our products

Soon you can buy our products in various stores.

Snack bar

On the long run you can find our own snack bar in the center of Porto.

Keep in touch!

At the moment we haven't opened yet. If you have questions or suggestions please write us an email.

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Rua do Barão de Forrester 736
4050-272 Porto

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2020 will be our opening.

We look forward to bringing you our best plant-based dishes directly to your door.

We are opening soon.

Planned opening
March 1st, 2020

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