Our Philosophy

Anyone who learns about a vegetarian or vegan diet quickly realizes that the absence of meat and animal products doesn't lead to a boring or one-sided diet, but brings many new delicacies to the plate. This is not only because there are countless creative recipes and constantly new products, but also because someone who lives on a vegetarian or vegan diet learns where vitamins, nutrients and fiber, as well as proteins can best be obtained.

Our biggest motivation is to help other people include more vegan proteins into their diet. With more diversity, their nutrition improves and we also protect animals and the environment together.

That and getting to know new culinary options give us the drive to create vegan products and dishes or to distribute them for others. Our focus is on protein-rich products. Proteins are an important component in human nutrition. Since there are plenty in animal products, it is even more important for someone who - from time to time or even more regularly - spares for example meat, milk or cheese, to know how to still obtain proteins. There are many sources of vegetable proteins. With the right ingredients and spices, they taste really good. It is not necessary for a vegetarian or vegan diet to live without the savory, hearty and substantial part of a meal.

With our production, the snack bar and the shop we want to showcase such vegan protein alternatives: simple dishes, affordable and tasty at the same time. No matter if you are a vegetarian, vegan or omnivore, be our guest and give it a try!